The Society of Investigative Sciences

The Society of Investigative Sciences (SIS)

“For every thing, an explanation.”

Founder: Dr. Carlita Morales
Founded: 1882
Lead Researcher: Dr. Esteban Morales-Reyes (grandson to Carlita)

The SIS was the brainchild of the brilliant Dr. Carlita Morales. She had been working as an engeneticist (an engineer specializing in artificial humanity) on the development of regenerative android flesh. She enjoyed her work, but felt that corporate sponsorship was directing the research more than the actual scientific community. In the spirit of scientific inquiry, she established SIS in order to allow scientists to explore fields they were passionate about.

The freelance nature of SIS has led to a reputation for radical science and incredible breakthroughs. The scientists and explorers attracted to SIS are those with a taste for adventure, rampant curiosity, and a reckless disregard for tradition. There are labs and great mechanical memory tanks as in other scientific communities, but SIS pioneered the idea of the “scientist at large:” researchers traveling in small groups, in the company of explorers, wild Red Indians, automatons, and others to explore America.

What pies does the SIS have fingers in?

Abominations- What are they? Where do they come from? Why are most mashed up with Earth animals?

Anthropology- Primarily regarding the American Indians (Native American isn’t a term used at the time in this game). Studying culture, myths, and the often-miraculous shamanistic sciences. Why are there so many Luminaries among the Indians?

Robotics- Androids, automatons, and simple machines are designed, serviced, and developed by many (including non-scientists), but SIS is known for creating lifelike robots.

“Wild Science”- This is what many over the centuries have classified as magic- which we now know does not exist. Everything can be explained with science.

Politics- Scientists are highly respected, and often choose to enter the government due to their high level of education and intelligence.

More!- SIS’ interests are ever-expanding, and this willingness to explore many fields has made them popular and approachable to common people.

SIS Roles

The Society of Investigative Sciences

Society of Investigative Sciences (working title) Lianetherider