Welcome to the Society of Investigative Sciences!

Rachel hopes to run this game beginning in Summer of 2016, depending on school and work schedules. The concept is “Steampunk Wild West science=magic fantastic beast experiment.” What that means is that you get to be science bros (or affiliated with science bros) in the Wild West with steam technology. There are all kinds of roles to play, scientific and otherwise.

What’s the setting, exactly?

The game will be set in 1903. SIS (the scientific entity that you work for or are attached to) is headquartered in Independence, Missouri, the jumping-off point for many wagon trains.

The West, no matter what actual history may say, begins in this game at the Mississippi River, but is moderately well-settled out to the border of Missouri, where Independence is located. It is considered the edge of civilization, although California, after its Gold Rush, has a huge population. Wagon trains leave regularly with hopeful settlers, but less than half manage to survive.

The frontier is populated by hardy settlers, military Forts, American Indians (the term Native American does not exist), explorers, and Abominations. These are fantastic beasts and horrors that no one could have dreamed up. They keep appearing, mysteriously, all over the West.

Info Links – Start here to learn the world and the game!

The Society of Investigative Sciences – This is your employer, and your main base of operations for this game.

Ectocorp – Another scientific company that SIS is closely affiliated with.

SIS Roles – Character roles of the science type.

Other Unique Roles – Unique roles that are not necessarily scientific.

Abominations – The strange creatures that live in our land.

Inspirations and Song List – General information and songs that have inspired aspects of this game.

Society of Investigative Sciences (working title)

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