SIS Roles

SIS (and General Science) Roles

These are roles that are generally associated with SIS, Ectocorp, and other scientific entities.

Scientists/Researchers- Whether in the lab or on the road, they are the backbone of SIS. Innovators, problem solvers, inventors, and artists, the SIS research faculty are highly respected throughout the world.

Explorers- These are the “Indiana Jones” types who live for the thrill of discovery. They may act as guides or field researchers (and some hold doctorates of their own), and are not always attached to any particular lab or company. Many are eccentric, unique individuals.

Automatons- Sophisticated humanoid mechanical creations. They exist at varying degrees of human-like appearance and intelligence, from simple cleaning boxes to androids indistinguishable from natural humans. Artificial Intelligence is still reliant on programming, but beings capable of truly spontaneous thought have been rumored for years.

Experimentalists- Those who test out inventions and theories. They are generally regarded as insane, but useful and benign. They tend to have unfortunately short life expectancies.

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Other Unique Roles

SIS Roles

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