Other Unique Roles

Other Unique Roles

These are roles that are not necessarily affiliated with the scientific community, but may be in some capacity or another. NOTE: It is possible to be more than one of these character types at once. For example, there could be an Ameristocrat Steamer Luminary, or a Tinker Spiritualist who is a secret Modder and a researcher. These are simply character types unique to the world.

Tinkers- Mechanics, engineers, salesmen, and fortune-tellers all rolled into one. They service robots, repair technological devices, sell gadgets, employ nanobots to read palms, and much more (or less). Some settle in towns, but most travel the West in solo wagons or family groups.

Steamers/Steamies- People who are obsessed with machinery to the point that they often replace their own body parts with steam-powered devices. Generally, these people are both intriguing and frightening to fully natural humans. They tend to make a living out of being a spectacle. They are wildly popular guests among the rich.

Note: Steamers must put their mods on their character sheet as items. There is no limit on the amount of mods a Steamer may have.

Ameristocracy (Ameristocrats)- The wealthy elite, generally centered on the East coast, but present anywhere that being ostentatiously rich is amusing. They pride themselves on being independent of the Eurostocracy, and have an elaborate, flamboyant personal style (typically).

Spiritualists/Mediums- Always in the employ of Ectocorp, these people make a career out of speaking with the dead. It has been irrefutably proved that they are genuinely speaking to spirits (although there are charlatans), but they are not all capable of contacting specific ghosts. Ectocorp provides Spiritualists with a proprietary formula that makes the contact possible, in exchange for a hefty percentage of their profits. Attempts to discern the components of the formula have been unsuccessful. Spiritualists have a disturbing tendency to fall ill and die, but the profession is so profitable that it has no shortage of members. Ectocorp’s sponsorship has only been in place for the last decade or so (since the company was founded), but Mediums did exist before that in an unproven state.

Note: Anyone playing a Spiritualist MUST notify the Storyteller, in order to receive critical, confidential information about the profession. This is not a profession to be undertaken lightly.

Modders- Different than Steamers, Modders pursue biological technology for militaristic reasons. They do alter their anatomy with mechanicals, but it is likely to entail the replacement of an arm with a steam rifle, or the heart with an electrical device that can shock outside the body. Modders, when not in a formal militia or private posse of some kind, tend to keep their alterations secret. They are regarded as highly dangerous, and are required to register their mods. Many, of course, do not.

Note: Modders must put their mods on their character sheet as weapons. You are only permitted to have one weaponized mod on a new character, but may have unlimited regular Steamer-type mods.

Luminaries- These people are masters of “wild science,” formerly known as magic. They all have their area of specialty, which could be control of heat, water, animals, telepathy, or any number of things. The possibilities, so far, have proved to be endless. In the past, when wild science was known as magic, Luminaries were called mages. It is considered idiotic and insulting to refer to a Luminary as a magician, these days.

Note: Luminary skills use the magic mechanics of the Storyteller system and must be recorded as such. Any latent magical talents (wild scientific abilities) must be notated on the character sheet as they are discovered.

Queensguard- Specially trained by Her Majesty’s armed forces, the Queensguard became an elite squad of “super soldiers.” Most were heavily Modded, and all were sworn to protect the innocent and uphold the virtues of Victorian society. Five years ago, however, approximately three-fourths of the Queensguard went suddenly and inexplicably mad, forcing their comrades to decommission them (kill them) before they slaughtered any more people. Entire towns were wiped out in the battles. The remaining soldiers agreed to disband and work freelance as mercenaries in order to remove the taint that their companions put on them. It is rumored that while most of the living Queensguardians are exemplary people, some were more sly in their madness and escaped death at the hands of their mates.

Note: Anyone wishing to play a Queensguard must have a discussion with the Storyteller before writing their background in order to be approved.

Performer- These are people from all walks of life who have dedicated their lives to the Arts- most of them in the form of traveling Circuses. Tightrope walkers, lion tamers, sword eaters, actors, musicians, and sideshow acts roam the land, catching the fancy of all who behold them. Derogatorily called “Carnies” (even those who dance in prestigious ballets, or sing for the Ameristocrats), their ranks are filled with every type of person you could imagine.

Other Unique Roles

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